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The Festivities Continue…

Comin’ to you “LIVE” from my couch…. where I am surrounded by Kleenex, pillows, and blankets. I started getting sick over the weekend and have slowly gone downhill today. I had a super busy/festive weekend and I made it through most of it feeling “okay”… but as soon as I walked in the door from church… all I could think about was my pj’s and the couch! ¬†Sad huh? ūüėČ

Backing up to Friday:

Protein Pancake W/ Pear – 5pt

1 Hr Muscle Blasts Class  +10 pts

Protein W/ Frozen Banana -3pts

Turkey Salad Р4pts  (Met up with some friends for lunch and a movie)

Had grapes while watching New Year’s Eve! I really liked the movie. :)

Frozen Yogurt – 3 pts

Protein Bar from the office – 5pts

One of my BF’s turned 40!!! ¬†It was Ciro’s birthday and Carman and I were meeting up for the party! Y’all remember Ciro right?? We did his success story HERE… be sure to check it out!

I was so hungry, so grabbed some of these on the way out the door…

My Mom and Dad met us there….

And it was very close to Torry’s office, so he met us too!


Good food!


Awesome house!

I just love Ciro! We have been good friends for a really long time… we were trying to remember how long??? ¬†I think I was 13 when I first met him? He used to do my spanish homework for me tutor me in Spanish! He drove with me to college one year and it was the BEST road trip ever!! ¬†Hahaha!! ¬†All I know is that we were supposed to be going to Idaho and he detoured through Arizona so he could go to Atomic Comic!!! ¬†Haha…. and we were half way to California before he realized he missed is turn in AZ. I can’t believe he is 40!!! Which means I am not far behind!

Rally Hats!

My parents


Happy Birthday Ciro!!  Had a great time at your party and hope you are enjoying your weekend!!! :)

Saturday: Very Busy Day!!!!

Pre Run Peanut Butter *Ran 5 miles with the group* +8

Protein Pancake – 5 pts

Church Christmas Breakfast


Protein Bar on the way to my cousin’s baby shower…

Had 2 plates of baby shower food!

Check out this awesome cupcake! Icing heaven! I split this with my mom….

And just when we were on our way home…. my cousin chased us down and forced us to take/eat a cake ball! ¬†Haha! ¬†Yum to the maxxx!

Raced home to hang out with Ty and Kody. I went aluminum can collecting with Kody for an hour. He found a $10 bill in the grass! Made his day! Then Ty and I went winter coat shopping. We have a road trip coming up soon and there may be snow in our near future!  Woohoo!

Then I met up with some friends for girls night out. While we were waiting to be seated, they passed around pizza samples….

I decided on the Chicken Lettuce Wraps-

Dessert at Pinkberry! ¬†OMG…………………………………………………

Heading to a family get together tonight and gonna try to get to bed early….. I really can’t afford to be sick this week!

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