This CrAzY Mama is Still Here :)

hahaha – just a little bit how I’ve been feeling lately!!


hahaha – my all time favorite one that I’ve been feeling is:

“I’m so busy I’m meetin’ myself comin’ and a going!!!!”


Seriously……I cannot believe we’re already into June and May is long gone!!! The past 3 weeks have been the biggest blur and whirlwind – and I don’t know if I can even BEGIN to recap what all has been going on. So I’ll just give ya the highlights if I can even remember it all!!!!

Since my last post of Gabe’s last day of Preschool  (when Pinterest saved the day!) :

*I took the YW from church on an overnight campout – we roasted hot dogs, had tortilla s’mores (check out Lexy’s healthier version HERE). On Saturday morning we went to the Nature Center and then did a hike with a fun Amazing Race game.


*Said goodbye to one of my awesome friends – Katie!! Gonna miss her and her sweet little family- and Gabe is gonna miss his buddy and friend Mason!  :(


*Catching up on yard work! (with a little helper) :)


*Astros Game with the Young Women!


*Devyn and I attended a fun Baby Shower at Lexy’s for her youngest brother and his wife’s 1st baby!

the daddy-to-be is photo bombing our picture!!!! hahaha :)


*Pool party and BBQ with our awesome Tough Mudder group and our families!  What a fun group!!!


*Took Jayde to the nursing home to deliver the ‘Laptopper’ blankets they made at school for those who are in wheelchairs- we just love visiting these sweet elderly in the nursing home!!! I love how their faces light up when they see these little kids and how appreciative they are. :)


*Had a shocking Sunday at church – our ward boundary (group of church members in an area) got changed up and our neighborhood got cut and put into another ward in another building. Our family and Uncle Tim & Aunt Windy, along with about 20 other families, now have to start attending this different building with a different ward.  Now Lexy and I won’t be going to church in the same ward anymore!!!  Its crazy!!


*At a YW activity later that week they served Banana Splits for dessert – because of our ward ‘splitting’…..haha- CLEVER!!  We are still sad to be leaving such an awesome group of friends and family!! Thankfully we all still live in the same houses and so doesn’t change the distance or friendships! :)


*Thanks to our local Boy Scout Troop, our flag proudly waved in our yard for Memorial Day weekend – reminding us to remember those who have died for our country and our freedoms.


*I woke up with a pinched nerve in my mid back and neck one morning – I’m STILL trying to get the kinks worked out of that!! :(


*Taylor & Jayde had their end of the year class picnic and awards


*dietSNAPS has an awesome opportunity going on right now that we need YOUR help!!!! Click HERE to read all about dietSNAPS’ Future and why we need 250 VOTES! Be sure and share it with your friends and family! This would mean the world to US and the awesome things we have in store for dietSNAPS!!!! :)


*LAST DAY of SCHOOL!!!!  I made this cute poster for them when they got home so it would feel ‘officially’ summer. :) Jayde put her artistic skills to good use and add more pictures to it! :)



*Date night – I finally got to see The Avengers!!! Loved it!!


*5 mile run/training with some of our Tough Mudder group


*The kids and I went to our Annual Summer Cousin’s Fun Day – my hubby had to work the weekend….isn’t he HANDSOME in uniform?!!! :)

We had a great time getting to hang out with cousins and my 87 year old Granny – who is still as active and healthy as ever!! She is my hero!! Here are 10 out of her 18 great-grandkids lined up in stair step/birth order. :)


*Twisted my ankle and fell in heels AND a dress on the sidewalk while walking to the car after church last Sunday!!! :( I had to lay with it propped up and iced for 2 days to help the pain go away. I think it was just a bad sprain – thankfully!!!!


*My cracked phone spazzed out AGAIN for the hundredth time (been happening more and more lately) its gets so bad where I can’t answer calls or texts – so I finally broke down and went and upgraded to the new iPhone.

This was my first picture on my new phone – and I bought this bad-mama-jamma-phone cover that is supposed to be AWESOME and protect from everything- including being submerged in water! Just what I need!


*Went to dinner with my good friends Cindy & Judie for Judie’s birthday and to talk about Girls Camp stuff coming up. I’m gonna miss working and serving with these two awesome ladies!!!


*Got my hair cut and colored FINALLY!! My grown out roots were really starting to drag me down.


*A new venture has been in the works for a couple of weeks and the FLF girls are jumping on – more about that news SOON!! :)


*I was so happy to get to be at Lexy’s photo shoot yesterday for Health magazine!! I wanted to be there for moral support, encouragement, and to document the experience for her with our own behind the scenes pictures. :) Check out her post HERE where she talks about getting ready for her photo shoot. I am soooo proud of her AWESOME hard work and accomplishments!!!! I am so excited for her to have this opportunity and experience- it means that all her hard work after all these years is finally paying off!  She is one HAWT MAMA!!!! :)

After the photo shoot we enjoyed some Cheesecake Factory :)


Their Skinnylicious Lettuce wraps are to die for!! We had the Asian ones – YUM!!!


*Last night we had a girls night out with some of our friends to see the new Snow White and the Huntsman movie-I was really surprised – the movie was MUCH better than what I had expected.

……and we followed up with some of our fav FroYo at Menchie’s – of course! :)


I think you’re all caught up on my craziness now!!!  :)  I am excited to have a functioning phone again so that I can use my dietSNAPS app easily. I have felt the void in my life lately with my phone issues –  I know that I need it to hold me accountable!!! I need to get back in the habit of tracking EVERYTHING I put in my mouth again. Its amazing how something you rely on (iPhone) for almost everything you do, and keep track of, makes such a difference in your life when its working properly – and it helps me feel more in control of SOMETHING in my life!!! :)


I hope y’all are having a great summer so far!!!!! :)  My kids are acting like ‘Kids Gone Wild’ and it seems like they’ve been swinging from the ceiling since they got out of school a week ago!! It’s one of the many things that’s making me CrAzY!!!!! I will be setting up some FlyLady routines for them and me to get this summer under control. I need to go check out the Pinterest board I made for Summer and start implementing those ideas.  :)

How do you keep from going crazy with the kids home during the summer??


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