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Thursday Fire Bites

Nothing special today…went to the hospital again to hang out with Dad, took Cole to play at a friend’s then Taekwondo and that’s about it.  I had a serious candy craving today and unfortunately I had it readily available.  I need to do what Lexy did and just get rid of it OR get some willpower 😉

Breakfast: 1 egg and 3 whites, 1C of Nature’s Path flaxseed cereal  7pts

Lunch: veggie sandwich on a whole wheat bagel and fruit  8pts

Snack: this was for Cole, but I ended up eating half of it!  awesome  6pts

Snack: apple and candy galore 2 skittles packs, 3 starburst packs, 2 chocolate covered caramel marshmallows and of course no pics cause I don’t take pics when I know I’m going crazy!

Dinner: shared a Cafe Rio salad with Cole half chicken half steak (I ate mostly steak which I found out I really like!) a little rice, a little beans, lettuce, pico and dressing…and about 6-8 chips dipped in queso  10pts

My grateful thing of the day…I’m grateful for modern technology especially Skype, without it we wouldn’t get to talk to Daddy almost every day!

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