Peanut butter – 1

 Thursday Menu

Worked with Susan in the community garden this morning.

Protein waffle w/ bananas and cinnamon – 5

 Thursday Menu

Went to my Weight Watchers meeting and it was super good! I will try to recap it later…

Zone bar – 5

 Thursday Menu

Took my niece to her orthodontist appt…

Spaghetti squash and roasted veggies with alfredo sauce – 2

 Thursday Menu

Roasted Turnips – click HERE to see how I prepared them… – 0

 Thursday Menu

Dove dark chocolates – 5

 Thursday Menu

Grapes – 0

 Thursday Menu

Had to run up to the Apple Store… I’m having trouble transferring some things from my iPhone to my Mac…. still didn’t get it fixed, so I will have to figure something out…

Chickfila Chargrilled and Fruit Salad W/ FF Honey Mustard Dressing – 7

 Thursday Menu

Bites of my son’s chicken sandwich – 4 icon smile Thursday Menu

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