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To The Sticks And Back

Yesterday I had the opportunity to head to the country!! Yep – this city slicker was forced to head to the sticks… I was in charge of dropping off a car load of kids at Youth Conference. Everyone met up at my house at 6am and we were on the road by 6:30am. It was a pretty peaceful ride since they all fell asleep. We did make a pit stop at McDonald’s for a potty break and they got some pretty funny stares… the kids were all dressed up in their pioneer costumes. I should have taken pics of the reactions!! 😉

Protein waffle mixed with strawberries in a bowl for convenience while driving… -5

I went with Route 1!

All of the fog made for some creepy driving!

Zone bar on the road -5

When the directions that we were following said “turn on to the dirt road” …. I got a little nervous! 😉

When we arrived, they had lunch prepared for all of the kids and everyone was loading up their luggage into the pioneer carts. Ty was putting on a brave face and ready to start hiking! It was hard for me to walk away from him knowing that he would be pushing a hand cart, sleeping under the stars, and I was going to be 200 miles away. I know he will have fun…. but it’s just so weird seeing him grow up and start new adventures!

The way out was pretty crazy…. lots of mud and a scary “off roading” experience!! I wish I had a video… I got one of the guys to drive me across because I didn’t want to get stuck! Let me just say that I {heart} concrete!

(It seemed a LOT more muddy than this pic shows!! I promise!!)

As I was heading home… I almost ran off the road when I saw this sign….. Spurger, TX!!!! Hometown of our very own CARMAN!!! I didn’t realize that I was going to be sooo very close to her old stomping grounds!!! I HAD to get a pic!

I thought this would be a great time to tell y’all a little more about Carman that you may not know…. One of her BEST qualities is her southern upbringing! She is the sweetest most country girl I know!!! She is one of my best friends and we always tease her for her “one liners” that she uses…. I know she thinks we are “making fun” of her… but it’s just so darn cute and we love her for it!!! We have started a file on my phone and every time she says something we have never heard before… we add it to our very own Carman Dictionary….

Here are a few of our favorites in the form of a sentence along with the translations: (Please use your very best Texan accent, it really helps!)

“I gotta lot of rat killin’ to do today.” = I have a lot of things on my to-do list today.

“I’m fuller than a dawg tick.” = I might have over eaten. I’m so full that I feel sick to my stomach.

“Let ‘er rip tater chip.” = Let’s get started.

“That dawg don’t hunt.” = That’s not going to work.

“That’s gonna blow yo heart up.” = That’s so unhealthy that you might have a heart attack.

“Bleeding like a stuck pig.” = You can’t stop the bleeding, it’s out of control.

“She’s going mock snot.” = You are going super fast!

“I’m madder than a hornet.” = I’m extremely irritated and just about ready to hurt somebody.

“I’m meetin’ myself comin’ an goin.” = I’m so busy that I feel like I’m going in circles.

Hahaha! I wish I could share all of the funny things she says!! :)

And what else do you know???? I was right there by Aunt Jackie‘s hometown!!! (Click her name to see her story!!)

Jackie met up with me for lunch at Subway in Woodville! :) I haven’t been there in years!! Jackie knows everyone….. 400 people stopped to talk to her. She told me all about her boot camp class and she even decided to sign up to do the Blue Bell Fun Run with us in April! I just love that all of our family is so active and excited about doing races together! -7


Aunt Jackie is the County Auditor so she took me over to her office to show me around!! It was really fun seeing where she works everyday and meeting her coworkers!!

She even took me into the Court Room. This is her official spot!

I wish I could have stayed longer, but I had to get back to Houston.

Protein bar on the road home -6

I went straight to Carman’s to pick up Kody… I was really tired so we came home, had some frozen yogurt and took a power nap. -3

We woke up and wanted to do something fun for Spring Break…. we decided to go to the movies. Before heading out, I had a bowl of roasted veggies with alfredo sauce. -2

We went to the dollar movie to see “We Bought A Zoo.” I have been wanting to see this movie for a while and it was really good. I love movies that are based on a true story. Kody loved it too!




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