Breakfast is for Champions

Breakfast is for Champions!!
Today’s meeting topic was about the most important meal of the day!
We talked about the benefits of a balanced breakfast with power foods.
That really is the key! Sugar just won’t cut it or get you anywhere.

We all know some or most of the benefits of eating a healthy balanced breakfast-gives you energy and you get nutrients for good health. But one that I hadn’t really thought of much was that study’s have been shown that it helps to avoid overeating later in the day-also saving you LOTS of calories! 😉

We brainstormed a lot in class and I personally LOVE it when we do that cause its so  awesome to get new ideas and recipes that way.

Some ideas that were shared:
yogurt parfait ideas
WW oatmeal
Vegetarian english muffin with veggies & cheese
protein pancake -which Lexy shared HERE.
southwest eggs on corn tortilla w/salsa
banana with pb & honey (in a cup for in a rush)
greek yogurt with granola…..

A couple of challenge questions for this week:

1. A new breakfast I will try this week is____________________.
2. When I am in a rush I will__________________.
3. On days when I have time I will_______________.

I love breakfast and breakfast foods!
These are some good challenges and things to think about this week!!
I will definitely be applying these questions to my life to be prepared and add more variety so I don’t get burnt out on my daily’s.
I also need to be reinforcing this to my kids so they learn and feel the importance of this behavior at a young age!

Motivational Quote of the Day:
Breakfast…..Don’t leave home without it! 


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