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Last week I was out of town ALL week- flying to AZ Mon-Thurs and coming home and turning right back around a few hours later and flying out to AL, and then driving home with my sweet hubby from there on Friday. I was so bummed I missed my Thursday morning meeting I have come to love!!  Lexy and I ended up running up there on Saturday morning to quickly weigh in (and say Hi to Karen! ;)) before our fun out of town family arrived at my house for the holiday weekend. 
This week we missed our Thursday meeting again!!  
So we decided to make the Saturday morning weigh in and stay for Karen’s class. Ended up we had a sub today who was great–we missed you Karen!! 😉 
Had some really good notes out of todays meeting! 
One person receiving an award in the beginning made a comment about plateaus–Donna our leader said: What do you do when you hit a plateau? You just keep on going. The scale is only ONE piece of feedback. There are always more non-scale victories than scale victories. 

*This was huge reminder for me today–subconsciouly I get my head wrapped around my plateau and the scale number I’m stuck at and forget how far I’ve come until I realize all the major ‘ahh-ha’ moments I have had along this journey, see the diferrence in my clothes, my measurements, and especially in Pictures!  All have been great reminders in how far I have come in 13 weeks–I just wish my brain would come around a little faster and catch up with the current times. 😉 
The meeting topic was about Support and the different ways we get it.
Loosing weight on our own vs. with a buddy. 
*This has been HUGE for me this time. I have done it alone before and ultimately gave up. 
Activity Support.
Meeting Support. 
Get great tips. 
Celebrate others successes.
Our leader said-‘Paying for WW meetings and not staying is like buying a movie ticket at the theater and not staying to watch the movie’. 
*That is such a good way to look at it. I can totally tell a difference in my week when I don’t get to go to or stay for a meeting. I always feel like something is missing and off that week. 
Lifetime Members. 
Keep tracking. 
WW magazine success stories. 
A comment was made that the most successful lifetime members are the ones who consistently weigh in monthly and even more so weekly and stay for the meetings. 
*I am gettting close to my WW goal (only 7.2 lbs left to loose) so I am starting to think about and pay attention to what lifetime members do to maintain. After all this hard work I want to make sure I don’t go back to what I was before or fall back into my old habits.  So I am really starting to pay attention to what they do so that I know what to do when I get there soon. 😉 
Our WW Leader sub Donna mentioned she has been a lifetime member for 22 years now. 
That is just AWESOME!! 
Now THAT’S what I want to be able to say!!! 
The biggest message in today’s meeting was to recognize the support you have and appreciate it. 
Lexy & Cyndi, 
THANK YOU gals for the AmaZing support you show me every day through our life’s journey of trials and Fun. I would NOT have been able to make it this far without you BOTH!!!  I am so grateful we are on this ride together!!!  
*Texas Forever!!* 
My Hubby-Courtney,
My #1 biggest supporter and motivator! He praises me daily- especially when he sees a difference when I don’t which then motivates me even more–and yet he loves me despite my shortcomings and downfalls. I am so grateful to have him by my side. He is truly my hero, motivator, confidant, and best friend. I am so grateful he is my eternal companion
All our friends & family on this journey with us, 
Thank you for all your constant love and support!!! We are all on the same team and wearing the same jersey. 😉 
(Motivational Quote of the Day) 

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  1. Cyndi

    I will only agree with your Texas Forever because hottie Tim Riggins says it!! Ditto to everything you said Carman, I couldn't have said it better.


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