Green smoothie

Welcome back green smoothie!

I forgot to update yesterday even though I swear I did…it was pretty uneventful, did my interval run 5min/walk 1min for 45min.  Since nothing eventful happened, I’m just going to post my “fire bites”.

Protein Pancake  5pts

WW oatmeal cookie  4pts

 Great Harvest veggie sandwich  10pts

Leftovers again for dinner…pork, pasta w/tomatos, salad, cantaloupe  12pts

Ended the day with an apple and 1TBSP peanut butter  3pts.

TODAY…I was super tired this morning cause a certain 4-y-o woke up at 2:45am and got in my bed and I couldn’t fall back asleep until 5.  Cole is obsessed with Eggo waffles, but unfortunately we ran out so today he decided he wanted cereal.  I offered to cook him some eggs too which he politely declined and then proceeded to eat mine!

Breakfast: 1C Nature’s Path Flax Plus cereal w/milk (I never count points for milk because I literally drain it out of each bite, I detest milk!), shared eggs w/Cole and berries.  5.5 pts

Took Cole over to the rec center to play on the inflatables.  He met 4 friends and they played super heroes for almost 2 hours.  Grabbed a snack on the way over.


We went home for some lunch and I was so hungry I couldn’t wait until I made my leftover taco and snacked on some of the Lavash and hummus from the other day  5pts.  Then we had some leftovers from Tuesdays w/Heidi.  I tried my taco with a low carb tortilla I picked up at the start.  It was eh…I prefer corn!


P.S. I forgot to give credit on Tuesday…I learned my chicken verde recipe from my sister Michelle, however she adds a few more ingredients and I’m just lazy 😉

And for dessert a delicious WW cookie…started with 1, ended with 3.  6pts

We were hanging out in Park City today waiting for an electrician to call and meet us at my sister’s house, but he never called.  Cole and I entertained ourselves with a tea party (his idea!) and it was apparently an Asian tea party cause I had to bow when he gave me my tea and when I gave it back.

We finally gave up waiting and headed down to Salt Lake.  Cole passed out before we even hit the freeway with his hood on and his hands in his pockets.

I had to go to Costco again to return some things and pick up a very important thing I kept forgetting to get.  I have been craving green smoothie’s like no other.  And even though I have a Magic Bullet in my storage unit in Austin…my mom doesn’t have one so HAPPY HALLOWEEN mom!!

I was so excited to have this especially after Cole begged me for a Costco hot dog and I ended up eating half.  I guess it’s a pregnant thing, I have no idea, but I have gone to Costco millions of times and gotten Cole a hot Grdog and haven’t touched it!  I usually end up throwing half of it away, but today for some reason it looked sooooo good!  And being that half a Costco hot dog is 8pts, I was thrilled to have the option of a green smoothie for dinner!! 😉  Welcome back green smoothie, welcome back!

Another recipe I credit to my sister Michelle.  This particular smoothie had:

1C water (I think I was only supposed to have 1/2C)

1/2 banana,

sliver of lemon

1C frozen mixed fruit

cup stuffed full of spinach

© 2011, Fire Lites Fire. All rights reserved.

3 thoughts on “Welcome back green smoothie!

  1. Michelle

    You don’t have to credit me! You’ve made these great recipes your own. I need to bring back the green smoothie too. And I need you to be my trainer. I have no muscle. You inspire me.


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