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We’re Half Way There – Wednesday!

Hi y’all! I can’t believe Wednesday is over and we are almost to the weekend. I think I was robbed this week because yesterday was spent behind the pile of paperwork. Oh well, moving on…

Fiber one bar before heading up to the gym… once again, I’m out of fresh fruit and I grabbed this… should have just had peanut butter but I don’t think I was awake yet…. – 2

I had a tight schedule this morning, so I was gonna try to get in 30 minutes on the elliptical, which would have earned me 5 activity points… during my work out, I played around with my Weight Watchers iPhone app and realized that if I stayed a little longer… I could get 8 pts! I stuck around for 50 minutes before racing home to shower and get on with the days events…. (I love the WW app for this reason… sometimes I’m just ready to go home or get off the machine… when I punch in a few numbers and see the points I’m earning… it usually makes me wanna work harder)

Protein waffle…. all alone…. no fresh fruit… -5

Half the fat ice cream – 3

Went in for my weekly appointment with my husband. I seriously feel so lucky to be able to get treated by him. Each treatment is so individualized. He practices Applied Kinesiology, which is “a diagnostic system based on how the muscles of the body can act as biofeedback tools and help find where all of the structural, biochemical and mental/emotional stresses are located in the body. It combines chiropractic, clinical nutrition, homeopathy and the acupuncture system.” I had to quote him on the definition because y’all know I’m not that smart! 😉

Because I injured my shoulder doing the Burpee Challenge… I’ve been making sure to keep weekly appointments with him. It’s awesome to see the progression and the different things he finds each week. Last visit, he had to address my adrenal glands and it had a lot to do with the fact that I had been over training. I laid off the weight training this week, and have been using my heart rate monitor while doing cardio. I have been taking my nutritional supplements that he recommended from Standard Process. He noticed a big improvement today and said that the muscles that did not work properly last week were now functioning much better. Because my adrenals were so bad, my body  was stuck in a “fight or flight” mode, but the supplements helped my nervous system relax. Now he’s moving on to the next problem…. my digestion. To be continued… (Sorry for the longest description ever… but it’s just very interesting)

Biogenesis protein bar while at my appointment, these are soooo awesome!! They contain no wheat, corn, dairy, or soy! They are made from rice protein. – 6

Snacked on several of these in the car on the way home – 3

Turkey chili (no beans) with spinach and salsa – 4

Whey protein fruit smoothie after getting home from the church for youth night – 4

Over all, a good day. Got an early meeting in the morning, so hoping to get to bed very soon!!! :)


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