We’re Not In Kansas Anymore

We just had one of the best weekends ever! It was sooo much fun that I know I won’t be able to adequately express my feelings of the last few days! There are hundreds of pictures to choose from and I’m not sure they all really apply to our weight loss blog….  Suffice it to say that a good time was had by ALL! I will throw in a few high lights and add my menus to the bottom……

It was a great get-away where we were able to really enjoy visiting with all of our adult aunts, uncles, grandmas, cousins, in-laws and out-laws!!!

Our happy faces on the way to the wedding!

Torry and I in front of the beautiful chapel…

Baby E all decked out in his tux…

Loved seeing all of the children lined up watching the first dance…

Pete. was. awesome. … Life. of. the. party!

The boys…

Too cool for school!

TONS of visiting, story sharing, laughing, joking, eating, etc!!!

So fun meeting Kelby… she ran with us both days :)

Hilarious watching Dave do damage control on Facebook… he paid the price by leaving his account open and his boys made status updates in his behalf! :)

Lots of fun watching Sydney do her thang!

So sweet watching Ammon hunt for Easter eggs!!

Torry using the dining room table to treat everyone!! Hahaha!! Kelby, how’s that knee???

Uncle Dave is the best!

Ammon is the sweetest little man…. Love him!!

Our new favorite Samoan hooked us up with his secret marinade!!! Thanks Matthew!!!

My favorite part was the boys begging Carman to make green sauce and homemade salsa about 4 times… I lost count of how many bags of chips were consumed!!!!

It was one of those weekends that you **wish** could last forever!!!! We arrived home last night and now it’s back to reality, “to do” lists, eating good, regular life, etc!! I am soooo glad that we took this trip! It was definitely what I have needed!!

In true Fire Lites Fire fashion…. we took a BEFORE/AFTER pic!!! :)



Protein bar before working out…

**squeezed in 5 miles just before the rain!!**

LOVED that we got to meet Kelby and she is just as crazy as we are!!! :) :)

Kamie made an awesome breakfast casserole accompanied by Carman’s rolls!

Wedding reception goodness…


We were fighting for our desserts…

Wedding cake…

Then we came home to Carman’s world famous homemade salsa!!!


Kamie’s casserole/Carman’s rolls

Easter bunny brought a nice little treat for all…. lost count of how many times I visited this little basket!!

Protein bar before church…

Easter dinner…

Lots of desserts left over from the wedding…

Jade’s world famous peanut butter bars and lemon bars!!! They were gone in 2 seconds flat!

Middle of the night Cheerios!!! We pulled an all nighter getting fashion tips from Sydney!! 😉


2 servings of cereal while driving home…

Cracker Barrel breakfast: Egg beaters, bacon, and tomato

Fresco style tacos from Taco Bell…

Chocolate rice cake…

A mile from home, we had our last hurrah at Menchie’s!


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