What is HASU?

When Lexy and Cyndi were here visiting Memorial Day weekend,  it was the first time we had gotten together in person since we all started doing the blog and WW together. After one of our runs that weekend we were talking about how we are each so busy with life,  and in different phases, trials, and ups and downs in our lives. We love the support we get from each other and so we all agreed when one of us is down the other two should be able to give straight-forward-with-all-the-love-of-a-sister-in-law-in-the-world kind of advice to that person. We decided to come up with a code word to use as a warning to that person that they were about to get some blunt, truthful advice that they might not want to hear at that moment–but it is intended to help bring them back to the great realm of how far we have come and to count our many blessings. 
That code word we decided on was-
 HASU: Hook A Sister Up!
It was inspired after hearing Lexy’s son always say HABU (hook a brother up) all the time!
So we thought it was very cute and fitting!! 
We thought it would be fun to have a HASU tab on our blog so that we can post them as they come along. Even though they affect the recipient the most, they can be great reminders to all of us at different moments in our lives. These moments are aslo part of our journey.
My experience has been when I give HASU advice…..I can almost bet that I will be frustrated about something down the road and will need that same advice for myself! 
Such is life.


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36 year old military wife of 18 years and stay at home mom to 4 incredible kids (3 girls ages 17, 11, 11 and our son is 6). After my 4th, and final baby, I decided I wanted to be more active, healthier, happier, and to be an example to my kids. I joined Weight Watchers and started using the Points Plus program to learn portion control, moderation, and develop healthier habits. I also used the dietSNAPS app to track my meals and it was such a life changer for me to literally *see* what I was putting in my body! Cyndi, Lexy and I created this blog to be accountability partners and that has been a huge key to this journey! I love to cook and I love converting my favorite recipes into a healthier version for my family to enjoy! I love the after effects of exercising :) I love challenging myself to fitness goals to change things up and in doing so I have run numerous 5K/10K's, several half marathons, one full 26.2 marathon, and a Tough Mudder. I love circuit training, weight training, and running sprints. My goal is to inspire others to take their health seriously, and to show how small changes can lead to big results.

One thought on “What is HASU?

  1. lexy

    I am so glad we invented HASU! It's perfect for getting advice that you really need and being able to give advice in the same way… I like that you said that it comes from a very loving place! It's true! Life is so hard and losing weight can be so emotionally taxing!!! Sometimes you just need a good kick in the pants!!! Getting a different perspective from a "loving" outsider looking in has been very helpful to me!!!


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