Your Mind Set

Yesterday’s Weight Watchers meeting was really good… and Deep! 😉

We talked a lot about mind set… and how we change from the outside in. Our leader Karen compared our changes to a Target. Imagine going from the outer rings to the inner core…


Our changes are measured from our:

Environment > Behaviors > Capabilities > Beliefs > Identity

It’s a good idea to think about each of these things and how they will affect you as you make changes. Starting out on your journey, you will be very aware of your environment… the foods in your kitchen, the rules you are trying to follow (like the points system on WW), counting calories, taking pictures with your phone for dietSNAPS, etc. You will learn to control your environment to the best of your ability in order to see success. Eventually, those things will lead to a change in your behavior. You will have to change the way you do things. You will practice making those changes… not making changes perfectly… but learning as you go along. You will have times when your behaviors will yield positive results…. and other times when you will fail. Be kind to yourself. You’re human and you are going to make mistakes, it’s how we learn. Over time…. you will start to recognize your capabilities. You CAN make better choices for yourself and take responsibility of situations. You don’t have to make the choices you used to make… You are capable of making better ones! And you will believe that! Ultimately your personal identity will change. You no longer think of yourself as overweight, miserable and out of shape. You are now fit and much more confident in your abilities. This whole thing is a process, but you will be so glad you have gone through it. You will be so grateful for the things you will learn about yourself.

Karen talked about the importance of getting rid of the labels that people impose on you.

Example: Stop saying that you are an “emotional eater” (if you have always believed that)… Instead, replace that statement with something like… I am a responsible eater! Believe in yourself. Be proud of your daily accomplishments.

In closing… she left us with this awesome quote by Henry David Thoreau:

“Things do not change, we change!”

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